Amazon Prime Day Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Amazon Prime Day is coming. We’ve scoured the Prime Day sales to find the best gardening essentials for you and your planting fun.

Everyone has heard of, right? If you’re an avid shopper on Amazon, you were probably disappointed that Amazon had to cancel its mid-July Prime Day this year.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the delays. The lockdowns had everyone staying home, which caused a huge surge in orders, delays in shipping, and product shortages. You were disappointed along with millions of others.

But, have no fear! has figured a way to get you to shop for items that you didn’t even know you needed, in October. And the buzz has already started.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is October 13-14, with early bird deals being offered now. They say they will deliver incredible savings on millions of products, some from small brands, some from the top brands.

Get a head start on your Holiday gift shopping without leaving your home! What do you think you’ll find?

You will need an Amazon Prime membership to be able to shop the millions of deals. The cost is $119 per year.

Personally, I find that this is a fair deal for our family. We order many of our home essentials from Amazon and enjoy same-day and two-day shipping on most items. Other features include Amazon music, books, and movies.

Free Amazon Prime Offer

You can try Amazon Prime with the 30-day free trial offer. This trial period will cover you during Prime Days so you can take advantage of the reduced pricing. You can see if you like it and the membership makes sense for you.

If you want someone else to try Amazon Prime, you can give them a three-month or 12-month membership.

We’ve scoured the offerings, and want to bring your attention to some items that we recommend anyway.

If you can get your items on sale during the sale, score good products at reduced prices

Keep your shopper self happy, and keep your wallet happier.

Amazon Prime Days Page

You can see what is being offered. Head on over to the Amazon Prime Days page. This is constantly updated with new offers. Some of the deals are limited-time offers. Some are limited in quantities. Check the page reqularly!

Amazon Gardening Essentials

gardening tools shears, trowerl, cup
Gardening Tools

Amazon has an entire market called Gardening Essentials. We love this market, as it contains everything that we would ever want for our gardening or houseplant supplies.

There are seven separate areas in the Gardening Essentials store.

  • “pick your plants”
  • ” make your beds”
  • “new digs”
  • “water works”
  • “on the bench”
  • “dress the part”
  • “prep your soil”

You can probably guess what is included in each area. To clarify, here are some descriptions of the different rooms and the items I’m ordering.

Pick Your Plants

Amazon offers a full nursery of plants, seeds, bulbs, and flowers at your fingertips.

Who wants to venture out? Just find what you want to order, place it into your shopping cart, and the package will be delivered to your door in the next few days.

Sometimes even the next day.

I ordered some carrot seeds, heirloom lettuce seeds, and an amaryllis bulb today.

Make Your Beds

Amazon’s product list of garden planting vessels includes raised beds you can easily place anywhere, standing planters, and all colors and sizes of planting pots. You can use these items to make your garden portable and easily accessible.

Go to the page to see if there is anything you want or need. There are even plant markers available.

I found some interesting planters for my indoor plants that needed repotting into larger containers.

New Digs

Every gardener needs gardening tools. It seems as if the list that we need is endless, with shovels, trowels, gloves, and shears topping my list.

Garden tools were stolen from our shed this summer.

I’m still trying to recover what is missing. I will probably be ordering a micro snip pruning shear and a taller wiggle hoe.

Water Works

Every plant needs water, whether it’s outside in the yard or inside on your bookshelf.

Amazon has an amazing collection of watering cans, sprinklers, and hoses for your shopping pleasure.

I need a new watering wand for my backyard pots. I’ll be ordering this Melnor 15″ watering wand tomorrow. It even comes with a quick-connect adapter, making it easier to use.

On The Bench

Garden work benches help keep all of your gardening tools and accessories organized in one place. You can have a large, intricate workbench or just a small corner cabinet to keep your tools in.

I am building a greenhouse this winter, and need a new garden bench that can stay outside all year. Cedar is the perfect material as it can withstand weather if it’s treated.

I’m putting this bench on my shopping list. I can choose to stain the wood or paint it, depending on my mood at the time. And if I decide to put it into the greenhouse, it will be okay with the moisture there too.

Dress The Part

The scarecrow got dressed for his part. He’s standing out in the cornfield or the garden is keeping the crows away.

You can dress for your gardening part and keep your regular self less dirty with the items that are on this page of the Amazon garden store.

Think about hats to protect you from the sun. Aprons to protect your clothing. Gloves to protect your hands from the stickers and dirt.

I should remember to wear gloves more often. My hands seem to have dirt under the fingernails all summer long! Just kidding, I make sure to wash my hands regularly.

Anyway, I always need gardening gloves like these.

I sometimes forget to put sunscreen on and need extra protection. I absolutely love this sun hat from Sloggers. I’ll be ordering a new one this week. Mine is just about worn out.

Prep Your Soil

Amazon offers a full line-up of everything you need to keep your plants growing strong. There’s stuff like potting soil, liquid soil, fertilizers and spreaders, and plant food for indoors and out.

There is even a wheelbarrow/yard cart/dolly!

I always order my Burpee Organic potting mix from Amazon. They deliver it directly to my front door. The convenience of having it the day after I order it is priceless to me.

Amazon’s Big Sale Day

Amazon Prime Day is coming. We’ve scoured the Prime Day sales to find the best gardening essentials for you and your planting fun.

I’ll update this daily for you with any new gardening items that are added to the sale. Visit the Prime Day page regularly. You can keep tabs on what items are newly added to the sale.

Good luck finding the items you want or need at good prices!

Let me know in the comments if this is helpful to you and what you found.

If you want to read my gardening tool recommendations from this summer, here’s a link to the post.

Happy gardening!

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