Elevate Your Landscaping with Garden Edging

After dedicating countless hours to your yard, it looks breathtaking! However, it feels like there’s a missing element to bring it all together. How can you elevate it even further? Think garden edging! It’s that subtle touch that adds depth and structure to your landscape.

Garden edging is to gardens what accessories are to fashion; they are the final touch that completes the look. And once you get your edges in, you can start building your outdoor play area with these DIY yard game ideas!

Benefits of garden edging include:

• You can separate different zones or themes

• Bring a consistent theme to the landscape

• Separating the lawn from flowerbeds or walkways.

• Define pathways and sidewalks

Additionally, edging makes mowing easier and ensures mulch remains in its designated place. As a result, you will have more leisure time and less clean up – it’s a win-win!

There is an Infinite Number of Design Options

Here are just a few:

Whether you’re designing on a budget or looking for a luxurious edge, there are endless possibilities. Some popular materials include brick, stone, terracotta, wood, concrete, metal, and even repurposed items.


Brick Garden Edge: A timeless classic, brick is versatile and complements various landscape styles. Some brick design ideas include:

• Traditional brick borders embedded into the ground

• Diagonal upright red brick edging

• Recycled bricks for a rustic touch

Stone Garden Edging: For a more organic and rustic appeal, consider stone.

  • Options range from river rocks, natural rocks, and paving stone bricks, to contrasting and complementary rock designs
  • Create pathways, dry streams, or even contrasting rock beds

Terracotta: Combine the charm of terracotta with its functionality. Ideas include:

• Smooth finish terra brick borders

• Nested terra pots

• You can use terracotta pipes as both edging and planters

More Rustic

Wood Edging: Wooden edging brings warmth and a natural touch.

  • Creative ideas range from framing garden edges with wood to using tiny timbers or natural log edges

Concrete Edging: For a durable and permanent solution, concrete is the answer.

  • From paver stones, whitestone, and cinder blocks, to jewel-embedded borders, the designs are limitless

Metal Edging: Durable and sleek, metal edging can be both functional and decorative.

  • From simple black wire fences, and steel edges, to scalloped copper edges, metal can seamlessly integrate into any garden style

Think Outside the Box: Sometimes, the most unique garden edges come from repurposed items.

  • Consider bottle edging with wine bottles, seashell walkways, or even bowling balls for a whimsical touch

In essence, garden edging is about more than just delineating space. Similarly, it’s also about adding that final touch of magic to your hard work. The choices are as diverse as the gardens they adorn. Let your creativity flow and watch your garden transform! Look at this article by Country Living that covers the 15 best garden edging ideas.

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