Seasonal Garden Shenanigans – Fall Garden Guide

Hey, fellow garden enthusiast! Whether you’re a spring sprout, a summer sun-seeker, an autumn aficionado, or a winter wonderland lover, the changing seasons always bring new adventures.

Autumn’s Encore

The trees are currently flaunting their most fashionable shades, from ruby reds to glimmering golds. Don’t you love to crunch the fallen leaves while out on a brisk walk? But remember, falling leaves means it’s leaf-raking season. You can dream of sipping on that steaming mug of hot chocolate while you’re raking. Bliss!

With winter lurking around the corner, our gardens are ready to leave summer’s sunshine and heat and are about to don a snowy blanket. And of course, autumn leads to the holiday festivities, which are just around the corner.

Autumn Garden Prep

Let’s talk about autumn garden prep. Everything needs to be cleaned up before the snow falls, so the garden will be ready when spring finally comes.

Garden Clean-up: Let’s spruce up our green spaces! Gather the leaves, pull the weeds, and bid a gentle adieu to this year’s annuals.

Edge It Up: Lawn edges are the frame for your garden masterpiece. A neat trim can add to that extra “oomph” and look great all winter.

Bed Prep: Lay down a comfy bed of compost and leaves, and help your gardens be ready for spring’s green guests.

Plant Pointers

Annuals: These yearly bloomers give us a vibrant show all summer and then take their bow. Collect seeds from your drying flowers for next year’s performance.

Perennials: These plants come back every year. These long-stayers love a bit of a shuffle in the fall. There’s a rhythm to their care, so stay in tune!

Pruning Patrol: After a frosty spell, some plants appreciate a good trim, while others prefer to. keep their winter coats on. We can help you determine which ones you have!

Bulb Bulletin: Fall bulbs get ready for their spring debut and need to be planted in the fall. Spring bulbs prep for their summer stardom and need to be planted in the early spring.

Garden Additions

Seasonal Garden Shenanigans: A Fun Garden Guide

Consider introducing new trees and shrubs now. They’ll appreciate the cool autumn vibes to settle in before their spring showcases. And you can find bare root plants now that will be less expensive.

Garden TLC

Mulch Moments: Think of mulch as a snug blanket, keeping your plants cozy.

Rose Retreat: Roses deserve some extra love to keep their beauty. Prep them for winter’s embrace.

Hydration Highlight: A well-watered garden is a happy garden. Ensure everyone gets a drink!

Compost Corner

Transform garden leftovers into next year’s star nutrition. It’s recycling, garden-style.

Yearly Reflection

A quick look back helps plan forward. Assess this year’s green highlights and areas for improvement. I keep a garden journal with notes on what I planted where, what worked, and thoughts for what will need changing next spring.

Tool Talk

Your tools have been trusty sidekicks throughout the season. Give them a good clean, and they’ll be ready for next year’s adventures.

Let’s embrace each season with zest and zeal, and our gardens will surely thank us for it! Happy gardening!

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