When My Garden Tools Went Missing: My New Choices and Why

I’ve always taken pride in my humble garden shed, nestled at the rear end of our property beside the garden. It’s a little space of solace, where every garden tool has its place. From the neatly hung shovels and rakes to the three pristine white buckets housing my hand tools by the entrance. A pile of gloves rests in one of the wheelbarrows, awaiting their next use, while the aroma of fresh earth and grass fills the air – it’s pure bliss.

But last week, my little haven was violated. Some burglars broke into the shed. They busted the lock, left the door open, and took many of my cherished tools. They were all gone.

The chainsaw, a beloved tool of my husband’s, was the first casualty I noticed. Oddly, the burglars left behind the chain tool and extra chains. But my three white buckets brimming with hand tools? Vanished.

With an expansive garden to tend to, rebuilding my tool collection was inevitable. Here’s a brief on my new picks and the reasons behind them. I ordered all of them from Amazon.

Galvanized Steel Utility Bucket

Purpose: Ideal for storing and carrying hand garden tools. Can be used for weed and rock collection.

Review: Behrens Galvanized Steel Utility bucket has a 10-quart capacity. It boasts a hot-dipped galvanized steel make, ensuring durability and rust resistance. Made in the USA, it’s a sustainable choice available in varying sizes.


Purpose: Ideal for loosening soil, weeding, soil smoothing, and covering roots. My most-used garden tool.

Features: At 11 ½” in length, thishand trowel has a gel-filled ergonomic handle, ensuring comfortable use.

Multipurpose Gardening Tool

Purpose: There are 5 functions for BIBURY Gardening scissors: garden pruner, 1.46″ knife, wood saw, hook, bark shovel, it makes life easier.

Features: This tool is easy to carry and is useful for many garden tasks.

Micro-Tip Pruners

Purpose: Provides precision in pruning with its tiny blades.

Features: These Tabor Tools Micro-tip pruners come with non-stick, stainless steel blades that stay sharp even with prolonged use. It has a commendation from the Arthritis Foundation for its easy-to-use design. And it comes in a two-pack so even better!

By-Pass Pruning Shears

Purpose: Designed for cutting live, green growth stems and light branches. One of my favorite garden tools!

Features: Fiskars forged pruners have an angled cutting head that reduces wrist fatigue. Made with drop-forged steel, these shears offer strength and sharpness.

Lopper Pruners

Purpose: Additionally, bigger and more robust than the by-pass shears, ideal for more substantial pruning tasks.

Review: I selected the Tabor Tools GG11A bypass pruners with up to a 1 3/4”-cut capacity. Their gear technology facilitates easier cutting. The blades are titanium-coated to resist rust.

Is There A Silver Lining? New Garden Tools!

In light of this unfortunate incident, I’ve equipped my shed with modern tools, aiming for durability, ease of use, and efficiency. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and I’m hopeful these tools will bring good luck to the garden. Head on over to my Home page to read all about Windy Gardens.

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